My name is Melissa Revel, I am an Army wife, originally from Seminole, Florida and mother to 3 beautiful children, was my inspiration for starting my mission, Operation Military Shower. My husband was deployed most of my pregnancy and I really felt the need to reach out to other ladies in similar circumstances.

In April, 2013 I started researching the newest and best baby products in the World and emailed them requesting donations so that I could start throwing baby showers to get this military community together and be able to gift them with basically all that is needed for their new addition. Within two weeks my prayers were answered. USPS, UPS, FedEX started showing up on a near daily basis. Companies all over the world have been so generous, giving just to give back. I am not a company or an official organization. I am just an Army wife giving back to my military community with my time in putting this together. I am very blessed by the companies I work with and people I have met along the way to make this all possible!

                                             Thank you all for your love and support in my mission!