An Answered Call

     ThThe Dream On Me teamere are days when the world really scares you and days when people really make the world not seem so hateful after all. Lately we get up and many of us check our Facebook or social media pages and all we see is killing,hate and a world in turmoil. Me, I see those same things but I am sometimes able to turn them off because of this program and what I do. I ask companies to answer the call of helping our nation’s heroes in need. Some answer and some don’t. This one did and so generously! We had a hero family in Ohio that had twin boys who were born at 26 weeks and of course are in the NICU and will be until term. The parents did not have anything for the babies at the time and are staying at the Ronald McDonald House to be close to the babies as the mom is also breastfeeding. I sent an e-mail to Dream On Me Baby an amazing company that specializes in baby furniture, cribs,strollers,and mattresses. Within an hour I received an email back from ,Avish,saying they would love to help! They would also ship straight to the parents as we are located in NC and SC! Amazing Within that week the parents were shipped a beautiful crib, mattress,and double stroller! I would like to give a special thanks to the owners of Dream on Me Baby Mark and Joey Serure for your support of our hero families! Welcome to the Red White & Babies Inc family. Please make sure to visit their site

Make sure you visit their website!


Claythan born at 26 weeks is now at 4lbs 2 oz
Steven born at 26 weeks now at 3lbs 10oz







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